Friday, April 30, 2010

around the corner

When the weather begins to warm up and we drag out our capris and flip has this mind altering effect on me.  I no longer want to be sitting in classroom full of antsy kids.  I want to be at the pool or playing golf with my family.  Although very busy, summer time is such a fun time for us.  We sleep in, hang out, and do lots and lots of swimming.  I am not sure how all this swimming will be with Cydney this year...she isn't afraid of much of anything and the cool water may just be what draws her attention.  I guess we will wait and see.
Warmer weather and summer approaching also calls for the dreaded swimsuit.  Swimsuits are deeply depressing to me.  I hate the way I look in a swimsuit.  Not sure why.  I know that I am super blessed to have had three kids and look the way I do, but I just hate swimsuits.  They show every bulge and wrinkle on this body.  I like it better when my clothes cover all the bulges and cellulite.  Out of sight, out of mind!!!!
I knew this year with Cydney loving water and our cruise in July, I would have to have a swimsuit that would be good for lots of activity.  But, I HATE SWIMSUIT SHOPPING!!!  I think because we see all these skimpy little swimsuits and realistically know that this body is never going to go into it. I don't know...just not fun.  This year, I did all my swimsuit shopping on line.  I would rather do all my shopping on line, but swimsuits...questionable.  It's hard to know if it will fit or not.  But I decided to go for it!!!  It came in this past week....and I love it!!! Actually, so much I bought another one.  EEKKK...don't tell Robby!!  I really did need it....I am swimsuit poor.  All I had was either maternity or too big!!  Finding a swimsuit I love boosted my spirits a little for pool time!!!

Here's a sneak peak....

How do you feel about swimsuits???


bridgette henderson said...

oh I have to know where you found these swimsuits? i love them! i am Bridgette and I took your class last weekend in alabama. soooo fun!!!!

~Micah said...

I actually ordered a swimsuit from Athleta very similar to this one...but it was backordered and then unavailable. So, I'll just have to live through yours! Glad you found some you like! I can't wait for the warm weather to be able to use them!