Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dear kids,

I don’t know if you noticed that our house cleaner came yesterday and our house really looks quit nice.  I was thinking how nice it would be if our house could stay picked up and looking nice and neat...not perfect, just picked up.  No clothes on the floor, no shoes left lying around, towels taken back to the bathroom after your shower.  
It would also probably be helpful if your homework folder weren’t laying on my bedroom floor.  You are probably going to need that homework folder in the morning, and you are going to wonder where it is.  Panic may even strike when you realize that you can’t find it.  That would be so sad.  I hate it when I feel panicked.  Not a good feeling at all.
I know that with the weather warming up it makes you want to play outside.  If you wanted a little more playtime I thought you might be interested in knowing helping to clean as you go would result in more playtime in the afternoons.  I know it isn’t asking much, but every little bit helps.  It also helps mommy’s attitude when she isn’t frazzled over things like this.  I know you would like to change that.  
Just thought I would ask.....
Love, Mom

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