Sunday, April 25, 2010

God is so good

Friday Robby and I boarded an airplane and headed east to Alabama.  Robby and I travel a bit, but Alabama was a state that we have never been to before.  It was so beautiful.  Our human nature is always love what we don't have...for me this weekend, it was the trees.  Oh my, they were so amazing.  Houses were nestled back in a bunch of cozy.  I loved it!!

From an outsider looking in, Alabama was so quiet and peaceful compared to what we left behind.  I noticed the minute we stepped off the airplane...usually airports are all hustle and bustle.  But not this one...just nice and peaceful. The whole atmosphere was relaxing and peaceful.   Just exactly what I needed after several crazy weeks at home.

I love how God puts new friends in our paths.  I can't remember if I blogged about being invited to Alabama to speak at a women's conference...and honestly, right now I am too tired to look back and see...but for the most part, I went to Alabama not knowing anyone, except through a few emails.  From the moment we met them as we picked up our luggage, it was if we were meeting up with old friends we hadn't seen in some time.  Our conversations were about our families and what God was doing in our lives.  How God had brought us through this and that.  It was just down right FUN!!  I can hardly wait until they come to Texas and let us host them....HINT, HINT!!!!

The predicted weather this weekend was less that cooperative for a women's conference.  With a whole lot of prayer...the women's conference went off with a hitch in the weather what so ever.  At one point Robby and I were watching the radar on Robby's phone, and it was as if the storm parted in the middle and went around the location we were at.  It was so awesome.  Tell me the power of prayer doesn't work????  Another awesome rained all night and morning long.  With some heavy rains at times. But when 1:00 came and the women were arriving....the rain stopped!!! A little windy...yes!!!  It was funny to hear the women talk about the wind...they didn't like it so much.  They should visit Texas...they would be a bit more accustomed to the wind.  Like it, no probably not much better.

When we stop long enough to talk to God about what is really on our is so cool to hear what God has to say about it.  This weekend was a much needed refresher, a much needed time away with Robby, and just an all-round amazing time.  God is so good!!!

Be blessed,

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MomBrose said...

So glad you got away! And what a cool trip to take with your husband. I can't wait to hear more about it.