Monday, April 12, 2010

i have great friends

Sunday we woke up with a bed full of kids.  One of my favorite things in the whole world is for all five of us to lay and play in our bed.  Soon it was time for everyone to roll out and get ready for church.  But...we had NOOOO water!!  UGH!!!

Robby and Carson loaded up and headed to his parents for showers.  The girls and I jumped in the car and went to my parents for our showers.  It was a crazy morning.  We eventually all made it to at a time.

Water was not to be had at any time on Sunday.  I quickly discovered that I am NO Pioneer Woman.  I like having water.  I like it a LOT!!!!  The dishes in my sink kept piling and piling.  Every time that I walked by I felt nauseous looking at the mounting  pile of dishes. I hate a dirty kitchen.  If my kitchen is dirty...I feel like my entire house is a mess and I get g.r.o.u.c.h.y.!!!!

That afternoon I had a baby shower to take me away from the mounting mess for a few hours.  It wasn't long before my friends knew that we had no water for the day, and wouldn't have any because it was Sunday!!  One of sweet friends offered to do my laundry for me.  No, she didn't just offer for me to bring my dirty laundry to her house and use her washing machine.  She offered to do all my laundry.  WOW...what a precious friend!!!

This morning I received a text message from another friend that said to bring all my dirty dishes over after school today and she would wash all my dirty dishes so my kitchen would be back in working order.  WOW...another precious friend!!!

I am so blessed to have many precious friends in my life.  But, what kind of friend am I?  Do I stop long enough to offer to do a friend's laundry?   Do I ever get my friend's dirty dishes and help out in her kitchen?  Do I stop long enough to help out my friends when they just need a boost?  A small task that gives them a BIG boost??  I don't know that I do.

Sometimes, I am so absorbed in my own busyness and my own life, that I fail to see what my precious friends are going through.  I fail to see what little things I might could do to make them breath a little easier.

Where can we each help out this week?  I challenge you to (and myself) to look for someone this week that we can help out.  Maybe a friend, maybe a stranger.  Be Jesus to someone this week!!!

I did get water this morning and can do my own laundry and dishes, but it meant the world to me to have my friends offer their time to help me out...


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Diana said...

Wow! You ARE a blessed woman. It makes me stop and wonder if I'm that kind of friend... I'm not sure I am! I hope God will give those sweet women crowns in heaven just for their hearts and attitudes!