Sunday, May 09, 2010

favorite mom moments

Being a mother is truly one of the greatest jobs in the world.  Sometimes I wish all the distractions of the world would pass away, if for only a moment, so I could just sit and enjoy my kids for a little longer.  Not worrying about dinner, the laundry, the phone ringing, going get the idea.
Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.  All the things going on in the world make time fly and my children seem to grow up in a flash.
This Mother’s Day, I wanted to stop and think of some of my favorite mom moments.
One of my absolute favorites is when Cydney wakes in the morning.  Her hair is standing on end from a serious case of bed head.  All she desires in life at that moment is a glass of milk and to rock with me.  I love rocking her.  I love the smell of holding her close while she is so snugly.  

While I am snuggling Cydney, the other two are usually on the couch watching cartoons.  I love just watching them....they are such cute kids.
I love the cards and gifts that my kids give me.  The look of anticipation and excitement as they can’t wait a second longer to give me the gift.  They are so proud. It makes my heart melt for them as I see their sweet hearts.
I love when my kids want to help in the kitchen.  It doesn’t happen very often because they are usually busy doing their own thing.  It can get pretty messy when they want to help, but it is always full of laughs and yummy food.

Although I hate that Calleigh is growing up so quickly, I love the times that we go to town together for pedicures and some girl time.  She is such a great companion.  I love the time that it gives us to forget about the world and just spend time with each other.  Even though we are spending daddy's hard earned money....oops!!
**Speaking of growing up to quickly...this week I bought her new tennis shoes.  She wears half a size smaller than me...geeezz!!!

Carson is such a funny kid.  He is always trying to "trick" me with this or that.  That sweet and innocent smile as he giggles is just to die for.

With our crazy lives, it is rare that we are home on a weekend evening with nothing to do.  But occasionally, we are able to have a family night with popcorn and a movie on the living room floor.  Fun times!!!!  Sometimes we get through the popcorn and never make it to the movie...hehehe!!!

Another of my very favorite things in the whole world as a mother is for all five of us to snuggle in my bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  Robby works early most every morning, so this is a real treat for our family.  

The longer I lay here, the more fun things I think of.  I am so blessed.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be the mother of these three kids.  They are amazing!!!

Happy Mother's Day...may all your mom moments be memorable!!


Kathie Bryant said...

I'm so thankful that God chose me to be the "Bannie" of these 3 precious angels, my 3 M's, and the mother of my own 3 special blessings. What an Awesome God we serve!!!! Love you all!!!!!

MomBrose said...

Isn't it true that life is more about moments than milestones??
I hope your Mother's Day was blessed and you were showered with affection :D