Wednesday, May 05, 2010

what are the chances?

On most mornings it is a struggle to get my kids out of bed.  They lay in their beds until the very last second, or until mom hollers that they better be out that bed PRONTO!!!  This week, even when they did get up, they would dress, eat breakfast, and crawl back in my bed for a little extra lazy time.  Point being...on school mornings, they are hard to get up.  
The simple fact is, we are sleepers in my house.  When we don't have to get up, we don't.  
For some reason, it was a God thing, Carson came in my room this morning and whispered in my ear "It's time to wake up."  What!!!  Why is he waking me up?  Has my alarm gone off?  A state of confusion set in.  Sure enough, I open my eyes and I see daylight peeking through my blinds.  "OH....,"  I look at the clock and it is 6:36am.  We are sure to be late for school.  But, I have to wash this hair, there is no question of that....I have a one-day hairdo.
By the grace of God, we all scurry around and just tend to our getting ready business.  We were out the door ON TIME!!  How did that happen?  Thank you Lord!!
Thank you Lord for waking up Carson.  Thank you for everyone's willingness to work together to get ready without grumpiness.  Thank you for a smooth morning.  Thank you that we were not late to school.
Hope your day is blessed!!!

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