Tuesday, June 22, 2010

basketball, basketball, and more basketball

We have been super busy since summer began with, you guessed it....BASKETBALL!!!  We have done basketball camp, basketball practice, a basketball sleepover, and basketball tournaments.  It has been non-stop!!  It is something we have become accustomed to, and I have to admit...I do kinda enjoy it.
This past weekend, the Kirkland Krew went to Lubbock for a basketball tournament (and a wedding!)  The Bluedevils usually play in 5th grade leagues to give them good competition (all the Bluedevils are 4th graders!)  In the Lubbock tourney, the 5th grade league did not have enough participants so they bumped us up to the 6th/7th grade league.  I was not really all that thrilled about it.  I worry about someone getting hurt because those girls are so much bigger than our girls.  And they were...they made our little girls look just that....little girls.  
The first game was not so good for the Bluedevils.  They played their hearts out, but came up 3 points short when the buzzer sounded.  It again made me question why we were playing these big girls.  They are just a different league than we are.
However, the loss lit a spark in the Bluedevils and they came back fighting!!!  The girls played 4 games on Saturday to work their way back to the championship game on Sunday.  We also got a little sweet revenge on the team that beat us the night before.  We don't get mad, we get even!!!
We didn't win the championship, but played hard 'til the buzzer rang.  Our girls may be little, but they are full of fight and lots of effort.  Hard work and effort definitely paid off for them.
On Friday, the Bluedevils head to Branson, MO for the AAU National Tourney.  We are so pumped.  I honestly have very high hopes for the outcome of the tourney.  I am excited for a week full of basketball!!! I will keep you all posted on the ins and outs of Bluedevil basketball.
But, for now...it is off to laundry, packing, and golf camp for Carson.  It never ends...

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Go get 'em girls!!!
safe travels!!!