Thursday, June 17, 2010

thankful for the harvest

It’s harvest time in our neck of the woods.  As the harvest time grows near, we are always in high anticipation for our crops.  This year I find myself with a bit higher expectations due to the incredible moisture we had during the winter months.  As the spring rolls around and our expectations are high, we always fear what weather may come our way.  It is not unusual for spring and summer to bring heavy rains and hail....even tornadoes from time to time.
The Lord has shown his favor on us this year...we have had rain when we needed moisture, and held off dangerous storms that would ruin our crops.  For this...we are extremely grateful!!
This week we ventured out to the wheat fields for one last peek before the fields are harvested.  

Thank you Lord for the harvest!!!


Kimberly said...

What a beautiful family you have!!! Thanks for the reminder of all my blessings!!! Saw you on Mckmama's blogfrog :-) ~Kimberly

Sue said...

I love this blog and all your blogs, but especially this one. Growing up in Vega, the harvest time was a very special time for us and this brought back so many wonderful memories and reminded me of the faith in God that a farmer must have. Thank you for sharing.