Thursday, July 22, 2010

for better or for worse

Fifteen years ago today, Robby and I took vows to love and honor one another for the rest of our lives. 

When I took those vows, I meant every word of them.  However, I don’t think I knew what those vows truly meant.  I didn’t know how hard it would be some days.  I can honestly say that I have not ever thought about not being married to Robby, but at such a young age, I didn’t know how challenging marriage could be.
In the beginning I was a spoiled, independent girl.  Having to live each day with someone was a bit of challenge for me...for each of us actually.  It took us about 6 months to get the kinks worked out and truly begin to enjoy being married to one another.  Whew...those were a hard 6 months.  I am pretty sure that Robby would say the same thing.
Thankfully, as the years passed we grew more and more in love and deeper in our relationship with the Lord.  When times got rough...which they did...we were able to take it to God.  As I look back over the years at the tough times we have had...they have only allowed us to fall deeper in love with one another.  For that, I am so incredibly thankful!!
Today, I don’t think I could be more in love with my precious husband.  I really can’t believe it has been 15 years.  It seems only the blink of an eye.
Robby, I love you more today than ever.  I am forever grateful for the love that you give me and our three precious blessings.  Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family....above and beyond what we need.  Thank you for your patience to deal with me when I am not so much fun to deal with.  Thank you for taking your vows to heart when I know I wasn’t and probably still aren’t so easy to live with.  Thank you for always treating me as a queen.  Thank you being the christian leader of our home.  Thank you for praying for me and with me during the tough times in our life.  Thank you standing beside me as I have worked toward accomplishing the dreams of my life.  Thank you for walking with me hand in hand on this journey through life together.  There is no one I would rather journey through life with than YOU!!!

I am so blessed to have 15 years with you.  As I look back over the 15 years at the accomplishments we have made together, I am so proud of us.  Most of all...our three babies!!! You are an amazing DAD!!!  There have been many a fun times that we’ve had together as well.  I wouldn’t trade a single one!!!  Looking forward to MANY more!!
Today, I couldn't think of a better way to spend our anniversary than cruisin' with you.  Thanks for this awesome "15 year" cruise.  I know we making amazing memories!!!
Happy Anniversary, My Love!!!

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MomBrose said...

That's so sweet! I'm in the midst of writing my anniversary post too!