Sunday, September 12, 2010

just sitting here

Curled up in our comfy, old, blue recliner with coffee in hand....thinking.  My house is really quiet this morning.  The kids are all still asleep so it gives me a chance to sit and think.  Scary, right!!!

What am I thinking....

I have a precious cousin that is just about a month away from having a baby.  We are having a shower soon to lavish her with "Mommy Survival" gifts.  What will I include?  It hasn't been all that long ago that I was in her shoes and I still remember those first few weeks in survival mode.  What items were indispensable in those days?

How I miss blogging.  Blogging has definitely been a sporadic thing for many months now.  Sometimes I just felt like I had nothing worthy to say.  But then again, my amazing family and blogging friends I have made have missed seeing my family growing for several months.  That was really the whole point of this blog anyway.

I hear "Ready Mom" from the upstairs.  That is Cydney's call that she is ready to get up.  I guess that means my "thinking" is over for now.

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Jenifer said...

I am still waiting for pictures from your cruise!!!