Sunday, September 19, 2010

hasn't missed a beat

This week (Tuesday) Cydney had to surgery on her thumb for a congenital disorder called Trigger Thumb. The tendon in her right thumb has become in a "cocked" position and wouldn't straighten. So off to the hospital we went to get it fixed.

When we arrived she didn't want the nurses to touch her or look at her, much less do the pre-op procedures necessary. She absolutely wasn't going to wear their beautiful hospital gown. Nothing a little "happy juice" couldn't fix!! Oh how I wish I had a video camera on me...she was hilarious. It relaxed her so....she didn't have a care in the world.

Wonder where I could get me some of that "happy juice"? I could really see some benefits after a long day of teaching. I wouldn't care if students didn't turn in homework, or not show up for tutorials, or my own children forgot to do their chores. Oh, the little things!!!

The happy juice did alleviate one of my greatest fears....the nurses having to peel her off of me screaming to take her to surgery. She didn't have a care in the world when the nurses came to take her to surgery. She was such a big GIRL!!!

Like she had done this many times before. Just another day of kissing us goodbye. AND knew all these strange people. We always say she has never met a stranger.

Waking up wasn't quit as pleasant. Through some, what turned out to be minor, complications she has to intubated rather than just a heavy sedation as planned. She had lots of nasty chest congestion that was trying to cause problems. Due to this they had to do chest x-rays and breathing treatments upon waking from anesethia. This made for a very unhappy little put it mildly. After what seemed like an eternity of screaming and crying, she quieted and fell back asleep.

It wasn't long before she was running again...thankfully. I love that little girl that is happy and smiling running through my house.

On Thursday morning she stayed with her Mimi. We usually don't allow our daughters to wear makeup this early, but with surgery and all....

We made some exceptions!!!

Blessings ~ amyk

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