Saturday, April 09, 2011

just a walk

There are many days that I don't blog, for I feel I simply have nothing to blog about.  But, just a short walk through the yard with my camera and many things caught my eye to share.  It's amazing what lies just beyond my eyes that remind of life as it was just a short time ago and how it can change in such a quick time.

Beyond the swing set, beyond the trees, lying against the fence are Carson's old Tonka trucks.  Unused, but well loved.  Tossed aside because he is much older now.  He rides bikes, plays football and basketball, build forts, and many other things.  But digging with Tonka trucks is not on his list of activities anymore.

It really wasn't all that many years ago that he was a cotton top little boy that spent hours digging in his sandbox with his trucks.  But things change.  Time flies.

It was just a walk through the yard, yet it brought so many memories of where we've been and how far we have come.

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Davlyn Garver said...

I just wanted to thank you for your blogs. They are interesting and help me remember so much about my own life. Time does fly right by without considering us at all. My baby girl, Barbara Ann, turned 21 just last September and it is so hard to believe that all of them are not still home with me. I miss them all so much...treasure these moments and please continue to share because it is a blessing to me. God bless you friend.