Sunday, April 10, 2011

oh geez!!

I got this email tonight.

It was a concrete reminder of our "bucket list" half-marathon that will be taking place in a few weeks, three in fact!!  As the runs get longer and the time gets shorter, I often find myself asking...
     What was I thinking?

I have never previously been a runner, not really in any shape for that matter.

     What was I thinking?

Why not a 5K, or something shorter.  13.1 miles???

     What was I thinking?

We have trained for 15 weeks now.  Pretty faithfully, in fact.  I am in much better shape.  I feel great...most of the time.  We are running with friends. But...

     What was I thinking?

Oh geez!!

Then I remember, we have paid our money and worked really hard...there is no turning back now.


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Kathie Bryant said...

So proud of you and Rob. I know it has been hard as busy as you are. I appreciate your commitment. You look great, but too skinny! I love you! You're both great role models for your kids.