Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sonoma - day 2

The clouds moved out and the sunshine provided a nice warmth to my chilled body. I am very grateful to see sunshine today. Even with the sun, the temperatures are still cool. Almost in between long sleeves and a coat.

As we drove through the countryside to today's wineries, I couldn't help by notice the beauty in the vineyards. Each vine in a precise location. Evenly spaced from the its neighboring vine. Such care is taken in every planting.

Due to the rainy season coming to an end, the flowers are gorgeous. Everywhere I look there are a multitude of flowers...even the sides of roads are filled with colorful wildflowers. Something we don't see in Texas.

Today we were able to visit a wine cave at one of the wineries. The caves are great storage facilities due to the underground climate controlled naturally.

It was another fun day of wine tours. Probably our favorite day.
Time to head back to real world.

Be blessed~amyk

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~Micah said...

Wow! Beautiful! I may need to tell Eric to find out who this trip was with so I can visit these places some time :) (you know, because I'm sure he takes that into consideration when choosing)