Sunday, April 24, 2011

this is it

I am not sure if I am dreading this week, or looking forward to this week.  This is the week we run the Oklahoma City Memorial (Half) Marathon.  In a crazy sort of weird way, I am excited about running the half-marathon.  I (We) set out to accomplish a goal of running a half-marathon and get in shape.  That part, we have accomplished!!!  We both definitely feel better, we have lost a few inches, and maybe even a pound or two.

Of course, my competitive self would like to finish the race in a respectable fashion.  Preferably not the last one!!!  I know I won't be the first, but hopefully somewhere in between.  I would like to finish in about 2:30 hours.  Not sure if that is a reasonable expectation for our first race.  We are going to give it our best shot, and cross that finish line with pride alive!!

Ready or not, here we come!!!

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Kaci said...

You guys will do great! I am proud of you!!