Saturday, August 27, 2011

one week down

Aside from a few minor meltdowns, mom and kids made it through our first week back at school.  It was an awesome week.  I love my classes.  All of my students are fun and sweet.  They even still think I am sweet.  I laugh and tell their parents that will change after next week.  HA!!!

After meeting all my students, some returning in 8th grade and others new to 7th grade, I am very excited for the year to come.  They are going to be a great group of kids to work with.  Seventh graders were mostly scared to death of ending up in the wrong class, or not doing it right.  They did an awesome job!!  Next week they will have the system down easily and be old pros.

Calleigh and Carson had a great week too.  They both are LOVING their teachers.  What a relief for mom to have a school with such amazing teachers.  Looking forward to their successes in school this year.

I won't be receiving Mother of the Year this year.  I forgot to take FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL pictures.  I know, you say how can that be?  I don't know.  We weren't rushed.  Just got to school before I thought of it.  Then, it was just embarrassing, and I hated to humiliate them on the first day of school.  I probably do a good job at that without trying.

Although I would love to be home this weekend and do laundry and kick back, we will spend tomorrow in town playing basketball.  UGH...I am so tired!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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