Thursday, October 13, 2011

dear carson

Today you turn 10!!  No more single digits for you! I can't believe you are growing up so quickly.  You are such an amazing young man.  Your precious, sweet heart is my favorite thing about you.  I love the way you are concerned with others feelings.  I love the way you are so gentle with your baby sister.  I love hearing you and Calleigh laugh together. I love your quirky sense of humor that often makes me giggle.  I love your laugh, and I love your smile!!   I am so incredibly proud of you....I love you!!

The day you were born was so laid back.  I had gone to the doctor two days earlier and Dr. Carrillo scheduled for me to be induced.  You were a few days early, but I was ready to have a baby.  Going to the hospital was not panicked or rushed, it was just like driving to an appointment.  However, much more exciting.

I remember telling my nurse how quickly Calleigh was born and that you were likely to be born as quickly. I think she thought I was just some young mom, and I really didn't know what I was talking about.  Daddy and I laid around watching TV for a few hours and suddenly it was time.  The nurse hadn't even called Dr. Carrillo to come to the hospital.  I was READY!!!

I remember Dr. Carrillo walking into the room and asking if he had time to put on his scrubs.  I wanted to grab him by the collar and tell him NO!!, but we waited.  And just like I told her...YOU WERE HERE!!  When they held you up, I knew immediately that you were smaller than Callegh was when she was born.  Sure enough, you weigh in at 6 lbs., 13 oz.

As we brought you home, our life began crazy!!  All of the sudden, I realized I had not one baby, but two.  As grown up as I thought Calleigh was, I was quickly reminded that she was still a baby in a sense.  She still wanted to be held just like a baby.  And so did you!!

I remember nap times were often in our old blue rocking chair.  I would have one baby in each crook of my arm, and we would all three sleep for hours.  There is nothing better to hold my babes and sleep!!

Having an older sister, you played all the girly games your sister wanted to play.  You even let her dress you up. What a good sport you were and always have been.

Watching you develop in an athlete has been such a fun experience as your mom.  I honestly dreaded the day that you played tackle football, but this has been the most fun time for me.  I have loved every second of it.  I pray that God protects you in all you do.  I pray that you continue to allow God to grow you in your talents.  I know He has great plans for you.

Carson, you are a great kid!!!  Don't ever let the world tell you differently.  You have a precious heart.  Allow God to mold your heart as you grow.  You make me so proud of you.  I love you with all my heart.  And I LOVE being your mom!!  What a precious gift God gave your dad and I 10 years ago.

I hope your birthday is fabulous!!!


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