Sunday, September 20, 2009

not me MONDAY!!!

I don't always get around to posting a NOT ME MONDAY post. Actually, I have only posted one other one back in the spring. Monday is usually half over when I read MckMama's blog post, and then decide I have nothing to post. Like...I am the PERFECT mom....SERIOUSLY!!!!

While in town this weekend I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store. As I was checking out, a friend from college years came up and said hello. I was trying to do my best multi-tasking and visit and pay at the same time. The cashier gave me my total (which I misunderstood), I dug the cash and change from my purse, he gave me my change...which was more than I had actually even PAID. I questioned him about it....decided I should not try to visit and count my money....and left. I did not think about keeping the money, not even for a minute!! I mean after all, I had already questioned him about it once. I walked back into the grocery store and told the customer service person what had happened and I thought I had to much change. He said I would just have to keep the money until they counted his drawer to see if he was short. I did not think for one teeny, tiny second that these people are CRAZY!!! They have just overpaid me a LOT of money, and I am trying to give it back....AND THEY WON'T TAKE IT!!!! They are going to let me walk out of this store. And I did...they called today. Guess what...his drawer was short!!

I did not tell one of our friends children they could not eat their rice krispy bar in my living room, while I was sitting in the recliner eating my very own rice krispy the living room!!

I did not grouch, fuss, yell, and be an all-around yucky mom this mom this week because my kids were not doing things pleasing to me. Kids, I am so sorry. I do love you!!!!

I did not take Cydney to work for a few hours because she had a huge "explosion" at day care. I mean, a crying, tired, crabby child would be such a distraction to students who are trying so diligently to learn to better our world. I would never think of doing this...especially when my own classroom is full of precious teenagers eager to learn the last few periods on Friday. I most certainly would not put such a distraction in the way of my student's learning.

The reason that I picked her up from day care to begin with was for fear of her having a stomach bug and spreading germs to the other children at day care. (Carson was home earlier in the week with the stomach bug.) I did not possibly expose my entire class of precious 8th graders to the stomach bug by taking her to hang out with me for last period. I mean, their mothers would not appreciate that. As I mother, I would not appreciate that. That would be just RUDE!!!

This week I read a blog post from Proverbs 31 Ministries about being happy with what I have and not wanting more, more, more!!! I did not identify with this AT ALL!!! I have a friend that her house is just imaculate....all the time. I come home to my not so imaculate house and turn into psycho mom/wife trying to get it that way. This friend also has the cutest clothes, great jewelry... I often find myself just wanting to be more like her. My house isn't as clean, my clothes aren't as cute, my jewelry isn't as much fun, and the list could go on. I DID remember how blessed I AM, and that I am who God made me....clean, but with a less clean house, clothes, jewelry, and all. Thank you Lord for these soooooo many blessings, and my sweet friend whom I love dearly.

On Saturday, I had a meeting in town and the lady sitting next to me had THE CUTEST purse I had seen a long time. Now, I am not a huge purse person. But this was CUTE!! I wanted it. After read the above said blog post, I did not go shopping for a much cuter purse than the one I am carrying today. I mean that would be so insane, because on most days, I hardly carry a purse for carrying a pink camouflaged diaper bag.

Okay....I did it. All of it. So come on brutally honest about yourself. Come on, it will be fun. We can laugh together. And it will make me feel better!!!!

Have a blessed week!!!


Heidi said...

I do the same thing you do with NMM...forget until too late in the day to come up with anything creative or witty!

I can't believe that store..that is nuts! What's more sad is that unless you had come forward, they would have had no idea when the shortage ocurred! Good for you!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You were so honest about the change. It is a shame the store made it hard to return.

Anonymous said...

GREAT POST! I am sure your students LOVED seeing your CUTE little daughter!

hey im totally the perfect mom too and don't have much to post alot of the time HAHA!