Monday, October 12, 2009

not me monday!!!

Do you ever have times that, after the fact, you realize that wasn't your best moment? Or maybe, even at the very instance, but you do it anyway? My life is full of them. However, I rarely remember them when it comes to Not Me Monday! Hope you enjoy and share your best not so great moments with me.

This week I did not go rummaging through my drawer looking for last year's nursing bras because my bra was giving me absolute fits. Never. I mean, why would I even own a nursing bra. I hate it!! I never enjoyed it with any of my three children. It hurts and I am weany.

I most certainly would not be currently wearing the nursing bra that I found buried in the bottom of my drawer. I hate spending money on things that people aren't even going to see.

Speaking of hating to spend money on certain things. I have not put off buying a new freezer for our garage. I would not put our entire freezer full of delicious Kirkland Feedyard beef in jeopardy of being ruined due to my lack of responsiblity. I could not, would not. I enjoy every mouth watering bite of it!!

I also did not completely fail the Philippians 2:14 challenge, given by none other than yours truly. How could I set forth a challenge to all my friends/readers, and then not follow through with it myself?  Anyway, I would never complain or argue, especially with my children.  That would be teaching them the very thing I am trying to discourage.

As a mother concerned for the well being of my children, I would never stand in a three hour line waiting for seasonal flu shots.  I mean, there are enormous amounts of H1N1 germs floating around the Texas Panhandle that I would not ever expose my children to.  I wouldn't put them in a room of hundreds upon hundreds of people.  None of which I am sure have these germs. I am sure of this!!

Out of sheer panic to avoid the said germs, I have not used more than enough hand sanitizer that the skin on my hands feels so dry it could peel right off.  I also did not completely cancel, until further notice, Calleigh & Carson's birthday parties because I don't want to totally disinfect my house from sick germs.  Birthdays are an important part of growing up.  Good mothers go out of there way to make birthdays and birthday parties wonderful childhood memories.  Even if this means bleaching everything within reach of small children.  And I am a good mother...most of the time!!!

Thanks for joining me for another week of my life's greatest not so great moments.  I am so glad that many of you are beginning to see the real me....a sinner, thankfully forgiven for ALL the mistakes I make on a daily basis.  For more Not Me Monday laughs, head on over to MckMama's blog for hours and hours of fun.



Nic said...

To funny! Wish we wouldn't have caught the H1N1 Bug =(

MomBrose said...

Hi there! Found your blog through MckMama's linky. I have three blessings also! Thanks for sharing about the things you "didn't" do this week.
Have a blessed week!