Monday, October 12, 2009

whose idea was this anyway??

Remember on Friday I posted giving all of us a challenge. The Philippians 2:14 challenge.

Well, see...errrrrr....mine didn't go so well!!!

We woke Saturday morning to another absolutely freezing cold day, a light mist which made everything damp, and no sign of Mr. Sunhshine. Carson was scheduled for a flag football game at noon, but it was cancelled. So that meant we were able to spend our first Saturday in weeks at home in our pj's, drinking coffee, watching TV. WRONG!!!

Early in the week I had this bright idea that since we were going to be in town anyway (for the football game) that we would just jaunt over to the pediatrician's office for our flu shots. She was having one of her flu shot clinics. In and out, back home by the fire....oh yeah, and a nap!!! WRONG AGAIN!!!

I did go ahead and follow through with the flu shot idea. Loaded up, headed to town, walked in the building of her office, mouth dropped open. There was a line beginning at her office, circling around the entire wing of the building, before actually making it to the entrance of her office.

I mean what's a girl to do? After all, we do need flu shots. But SERIOUSLY!!! Is standing in this line worth it? The lady in front of me said her friend had been there an hour and was almost at the entrance of the office. An hour???....we can do this for an hour. We generally wait an hour to see the dr. anyway. No problem!!!

How about THREE HOURS!!! Yes, it was quit fun keeping my three adorable children entertained. Especially Cydney, who was determined she was playing in the dirt in the planters. Whose idea was that??? But we made it through that line....without harm to any children and in pretty good spirits.


About 10 minutes prior to being called in for our shots, a man is leaving and mentions that the supply of flu mist (which my older two children think they are taking) has been depleted due to the enormous turn out. They argue a bit about whether they are going to get the shot. I assure them they are and it is not an option!!

~Let me pause this story to give you a bit of history.~ Last year Robby and the kids went with me to one of Cydney's well check visits. While there, our pediatrician tells me that Calleigh and Carson need to have their Chicken Pox vaccine booster. Due to Cydney's young age, she highly recommends. I agree. After much hesitation from the kids, they take their shot and off we go. About 10 steps that is. Calleigh passes out cold. Mom & Dad panic. Dr. and nurses come running. Turns out, she is fine and this is normal for SOME children as they get shots when they get older. I think just an anxiety thing.

Back to the story...

I wish I could play a short movie clip of the next 10 minutes of our flu shot experience. But, you will just have to use your own imaginations and create your own movie.

We go into the office. I quickly pull Cydney's pants down, she get her shot, breaks her heart. I try to soothe her. She calms down, for the most part. No drama!!!

Calleigh is next...Panic mode strikes...she tries to bolt out the door. You would have thought I was about to torture her with whips and chains. I reassured her that this was for her own good, and the health of Cydney. It was very important!! I offer lunch anywhere they want to go, Starbucks, whatever it takes. I am willing to pay. She decides she will take the shot willingly, chooses to get the shot in her thigh, hops on the table. Sigh of relief. Off she goes...yes, as we get close, she jumps off the table yelling she does not want to go first.

I then, beg and plead for Carson to show us how tough he is and go first. After a BIG, DEEP BREATH, he agrees. Back to the table we go. He won't let go of his legs. I have to hold his hands and arms AND lay on top of his upper body to get the shot. He is so tense...the shot is over, and never even realizes that he has gotten the shot. What a piece of cake!! He is still convinced that the needle never did go in his leg because he did not feel it.

Having no other choices, Calleigh finally gets back on the table. As with Carson, I have to hold her hands and lay on her upper body. Finally, we have all three shots done!! Calleigh asks to lay there for a few minutes for a fear of passing out again. She does great!!

Meanwhile, through all this drama, Cydney has been sitting in her stroller. She still had not completely stopped crying from her own heart-breaking flu shot. She can't even imagine that her mother allows her to be poked with a shot and then leaves her in the stroller to cry. Mean mom!!!

Needless to say, I failed my very own Philippians 2:14 challenge.  We argued about shots. I complained about waiting in a three hour line. I complained about the way my children behaved while trying to give them shots. I just complained!! It was just an all around not good experience. Whose idea were these flu shots anyway?

I am not giving up though. I will try again!!

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