Thursday, October 08, 2009

prayers please

The surgery went well.  All of the tissue around the cancer spot looked very healthy.  The tissue sample was sent to pathology and we will have results on Tuesday.  Her doctor is suspecting that due to her age and the unlikelyness (is this a word) of the cancer returning, she may not have to do any radiation.  Praise the Lord!! 

Mom told me that the worst part of all of this was the IV in her hand.  She is so tough!!  Grandmother plans to get her hair done in the morning, greeting at chuch on Sunday, and back to work on Tuesday.  No time for being sick...on with life!!

Thanks for you many prayers.  Much love!!

Many of you may remember several weeks ago that I posted about my precious grandmother that was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Today is her surgery. 

Please pray for a Holy washing of peace as she goes through the day.

Please pray for the wisdom of her doctors.  It is yet undecided exactly how her post-op treatment will go.  They are hoping to treat with a radiation pill that she can take orally.  However, the final decision won't be made until the doctor "sees" today.

Pray specifically that her blood pressure and blood counts remain in check throughout the surgery and recovery periods.

Please pray for a speedy recovery.  My grandmother is a ball of fire.  The words "take it easy" and "slow" are really not in her vocabulary.  I called her this week and she is planning on going back to work on Saturday. She works at Coldwater Creek and the women that shop there "need her."  Honestly, I have to say, this job is her ministry.  She has a chance to talk with women about her personal experiences, her strength, and share God.  Those women do "need her."

Pray that any medications that she will have to take will not have adverse & harsh side effects on her body.

Please pray for my mom.  She is an only child and doesn't have all the support that many of us take for granted. 

Thank you so much for your prayers dear friends.  Have a blessed day!!!  Love you!!

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