Saturday, November 28, 2009

daddy's little sweetheart

Our house was really quiet this morning.  No one asking what's for breakfast.  No arguing.  Not hardly even a little voice.  Well, maybe a little voice.  Sometimes, it can be a loud little voice. 

Last night we met some dear friends of ours in town for dinner.  They have two children the same age as our older two.  Though miles may separate us, when we get together it is as if we haven't missed a day of our friendship.  We are blessed to have many friendships such as this. 

When dinner was over, the kids just weren't quit ready for the fun to end, so my two went to spend the night with them.  This morning, it was just me and little miss. And oh, did we have some fun.  That is until her daddy came home.  That little girl loves her daddy.  Unfortunately, he wasn't home for long.  Just long enough to feed the calves for Calleigh.  But it was long enough for some outside time and a little time with daddy.

Wait for me legs are too short to keep up with you.

Hi Daddy, I think I will just wait right here.

Thanks Dad, that was super fun!!

That little miss has her daddy wrapped around those fingers.  Right where he wants to be.

We off to pick up big brother and sister and cheer on the Red Raiders this afternoon.  Hope you, dear friends, have a super afternoon as well.

Be blessed!!


Trench Mommy said...

Very sweet! Those pictures are precious and so will the memories be.

Nic said...

So Cute!! Love the picture of them holding hands!