Thursday, November 12, 2009

it's MIMI's birthday

Today is a special day in our family. It is our Mimi's birthday!! Mimi is the amazing grandmother to my three blessings.  Mimi is the wonderful mother of my sweet husband.  Mimi is my awesome mother-in-law.  

Today is her special day!!

The day I married Robby, I did know that I was a lucky girl, and that I was not only receiving a great man, but his wonderful family as well.  But little did I know that as the years progressed I would truly realize how blessed I am really am.  How truly blessed my entire family is to have such a wonderful MIMI!!  Well, actually, MIMI & POPPY are both amazing, this is just MIMI's day to be celebrated.

Mimi is one of the most unselfish women that I know.  She is always giving of her time and her people she knows or even a stranger.  There isn't a person around that has not been touched by MIMI's generosity.  She makes time for so many things.  Moms & Dads all over town anxiously await trick-or-treating because we all know that MIMI has made her special popcorn balls.
When I grow up, I want to be just like MIMI. 

MIMI is our full time, johnny on the spot babysitter.  When the kids need a "sick" day at home, we know we can always call on MIMI to nurse them back to health.  Usually it is just a MIMI day that makes life so much better.  Thank you MIMI for helping us out...ANYTIME!!!

MIMI is pretty crazy too!!!  And we love crazy.  She makes us laugh and keeps us smiling when things seem drab.  We can always count on MIMI to make us smile.  MIMI is our very own human "flipper."  Yes, she can impersonate flipper...yes, the dolphin!!

Not only is MIMI our anytime babysitter, but she is brave enough to have a day each summer dedicated to MIMI's Field Trip.  It is always a long awaited day towards the end of summer.  It is always a surprise!!  It is always the best of times.

MIMI is our biggest fan.  Even with her busy schedule, she dedicates her time cheering at basketball games, rooting us on at golf tournaments, clapping at soccer games, and much, much more!!!
 MIMI is our biggest fan, on and off the field.

MIMI & POPPY are always good for fun vacations and lots of family time.  There are not enough thank you's in the world to tell you both how much we appreciate you hauling us all over the country.  We have had sooooo much fun, and made sooooo many memories.  We will always treasure our family vacation times forever!!

The more the merrier!!!

MIMI, today is your special day!!  We celebrate you for the amazing MIMI that you are!!  You are so beautiful...inside and out!!!

Lots of love from your crew....
Robby, Amy, Calleigh, Carson, Cydney
Todd, Kelly, Bailey, Bryson, Brock


Sue said...

What a fantastic tribute to a very special lady in your lives. She must be awesome and in reading this we all can share in the love that is abundant in your family.

I know you don't really know me,Amy, but I love reading your blog...and your facebook messages..I feel like I know you, but it is also such a great tie back to my home. Thank you for allowing me to share in your lives.

Angela Warden said...

You should get Melanie (Mimi) to tell you about the time she dressed up as farmer brown. You probably already know this, but Mel & I were on the same Walk to Emmaus together (along w/several other Oldham Co. ppl). One of the skits she participated in had her playing the part of a farmer...complete with bib overalls, an old cap, etc. It was beyond hilarious, and she had the whole room in stitches!!

You just made me think of that, when you mentioned how "crazy" she is. I'll second that! Most people see her sweet, loving side, but it is a special treat for those of us who have seen her zany side!! I love you, Melanie!

Anonymous said...

I've been blessfully blogged!!! Thank you dear one.......and I thank God for allowing me to be blessed with the precious ones I can be Mimi to!! I love you!! Mimi