Friday, November 13, 2009

he's mine, all mine

I know that I mentioned how immensly proud I am of my sweet husband. He is an amazing husband, a tremendous dad, but in my eyes, he is also an excellent feedyard manager. At the moment, my eyes are really the only ones that count.

Back a few months ago, Robby participated in the Texas Cattle Feeders Fed Beed Challenge. He chooses three good heifers and three good steers from the many in the feedyard and takes them to compete in the beef challenge contest. He judges his own pen of steers and heifers, as well as the pens that managers from the area have brought. (I really hope this all makes sense to someone that is not feedyard savy?? What am I saying, I wouldn't call myself feedyard savy!!)

I might add, he has done quite well in the years past. He has placed in the top three in several years, and even had best carcus one year. Pretty awesome, huh!!

This year, he did well again. This might very well be his most prestigious award to'll see why at the end. As I mentioned, the managers judge their own pen of cattle. I am not exactly sure how all this works, but my interpretation is...his own judging was most similiar to the "official" judging and he won the Manager judge your own.

The prize was a really neat Kenneth Wyatt print for his office. The print is entitled "Yesterday and Tomorrow."

This is our story...Yesterday, Robby grew up watching his dad build a cattle feeding business. From this he learned many things...about cattle and running a business. Tomorrow, this may just very well be Carson. Carson will definitely have had two very amazing men to look up to.

But, the REAL prize was this...

Robby having his picture made with Miss Texas. It's probably a good thing I wasn't there when he recieved his prize. I think I would have been a sore spot in this picture. Isn't he just oh, so cute!!! I thought so 16 years ago, and I still think so today!!!

I really am proud of you honey!!


Nic said...

Aww...I think it so great to brag on our husbands! And way to go Robby! Boo on Miss Texas! J/K I'm just jealous =)

Sue said...

WOW!! Congratulations, Robby! It's awesome to be so proud of your husband and post his accomplishments, too. I just love reading about your family.