Wednesday, November 11, 2009

oh my we're busy people

Many of you think I have probably fallen off the face of the earth.  I mean, I have been blogging fairly regurlary, and then....

I just got busy!!!

Saturday was filled with basketball games, errands, and a fund raising party for the country club.  This isn't your fancy, shmancy country club, just a small town country club.  Oh yeah, not to mention the cute little girls that came and spent the night with Calleigh.  I'll have to tell you a funny thing about this a little later.

Sunday started with church and ended trying to pick up our house for a busy week.  In between we had basketball, and more errands. Oh my was our church service good this week.  Well it pretty much always is, but it was particularly good.  Another post, another time.

Monday was back to work.  My house still felt like it was a wreck.  I dont think we were too successful on Sunday evening.  Not a surprise!!  After school, it was back to the city for, you guessed it, more basketball and a Target visit for diapers.  An abosolute necessity these days!!  I really needed to get my house picked up on Monday because my house cleaner was coming Tuesday morning.  Why do I always have to clean so my house cleaner can clean.  Doesn't really make much sense to me...but, that is how it is!!!

Tuesday life was more normal...whatever normal is!!  Work and home.  I love these days!!  Our church is having a chili cookoff in a few weeks and even though I don't usually cook chili, I have to enter.  I am just competive like that.  So for dinner, I threw a bunch of stuff in pot and called it chili.  It really was quit good.  If you have a great chili recipe you can email me at  That is if it isn't too secretive and you can pass along the family recipe.

Today is looking like a great day as well.  We are all home again tonight for another family night.  Not sure what is on the menu, going to have to start thinking. 
What are you having for dinner tonight?

We are lovin' these nights at home because we know that soon the calm will end and we know tomorrow is just around the corner and we will be thrown back into our busy lives.  Basketball for us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  What were we thinking???

Have a blessed day!!  I won't stay gone too long this time, I have some things to say.  I just need a minute to sit down and type.

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