Friday, January 01, 2010

2009...that's a wrap

Another year behind us.  For that matter, an entire decade.  I can't believe it.  Time is literally flying by.  Where was I ten years ago?  Robby and I had been married 4 1/2 years and we had just had our first child.  Time was slower.  We had fewer obligations with our jobs, our community, and our church.  Obviously, fewer obligations with our children which consumes a huge portion of our time today.  But onward we must go, for time will not stand still.  But as we welcome 2010, I wanted to share the highlights of our 2009 with you.

1.  Calleigh participated in her first county stockshow with her bottle calf Rosie.  She got Reserve Grand Champion.  She did an excellent job her first year.

2. Cydney celebrated many, many firsts this year.  Her first Valentines, Easter, family vacation, and of course her first birthday.  It was a tremendously fun time, for me anyway, with lots of family, friends, and birthday cake.  She started walking in October, and talks non-stop.  It is amazing the words she repeats.  She has become a mimic.  She mocks our words and even our actions.  HI*LAR*I*OUS

3.  Calleigh's basketball team won the AAU Regional Qualifying tournament here at home which allowed her team to participate in the AAU National Tournament.  Calleigh and I, along with cousin Bailey, Aunt Kelly, Mimi and Aunt Cheri, left the rest of our family at home in July for Disney World.  Her team played many games and ended up with with a ___ record.  Not to mention the fabulous time we had with friends and family.

4.  The Longhorn basketball teams had a terrific year.  The girls made it to the state tournament and the boy the regional tournament.

5.  Carson and his daddy went on their annual Father/Son fishing trip to Vermejo Park in New Mexico.  Carson had the biggest catch of the trip...HIS DADDY!!  The fish hook was removed without much damage, except to Carson's feelings.

6.  We took our first family vacation as a family of FIVE.  We attended the Florida Cattleman's Convention in Marco Island, Fl.  I was so excited to share show off our newest addition with our friends in Florida.  I quickly realized how much work it was to pack and travel with a baby.  How could I have forgotten so much after having two other children?

7.  Carson played his first season of Kids Inc. flag football.  His daddy was his coach.  They played really well.  And learned a ton.  It was during this time that I realized what an avid sports enthusiast I had for a son.  He often speaks a different language when it comes to sports.  He also made some new friends as he joined some young men from a near by town for a youth basketball league.

8.  Robby took a much needed trip to Las Vegas....ALONE!!  Although Robby had a terrible battle with the stomach bug, we had a great time.  Thanks honey for taking me to spend some time away with you.  I love you!!!

9.  Santa sent our family on a Christmas family vacation to the Gaylord Texan and Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.  We were able to spend the few days with great friends and make some precious memories.  Although this started a harsh bout of the stomach bug, we not dare let that ruin the memories.

10.  Last, but not least...this was the year I began this blog.  It began as a blog to share the happenings of our family with friends and family afar.  Although that hasn't changed, this blog has become a place where I have met new blogging friends.  A place where I can just be me....a perfect mess.  A place where I always knew realized that other woman have the same struggles as myself.  A place where I have learned to grow myself and my thinking, and really think about who I am and what I stand for.

Looking back over year, I realize more how blessed we are.  We have all been so blessed to enjoy and share in the life of our precious baby girl.  We have been blessed to take our fair share of trips together.  It really just boils down to being IMMENSELY BLESSED!!

I hope and pray that your year has been a blessing as well.  What have been the highlights of your year?

Happy New Year!!!  We pray that your family

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