Sunday, January 31, 2010

made my heart pitter patter

Yesterday I passed on the Fly Lady's website.  Her focus for the month of January is was developing a habit of cleaning your kitchen sink everyday.  This is also Day 1 of her 31 day challenge to bring order to your life and home.  (That's a full time job in my house.)

After writing my post, I did it.  I tackled that kitchen sink with great gusto.  I was excited that at least my kitchen sink would be clean.  The excitement transpired to a good cleaning and bleaching of my entire kitchen.  All the cabinets wiped down, the cabinet tops sparkling, the knobs disinfected, and even the tile.  All the junk and mail strewn over the island is gone.  All that sits there tonight is my camera and an extra lens.  Nothing to keep it company...ahhh!!

But each time I walked through my kitchen this afternoon, it made my heart go pitter patter.  What is it about a clean kitchen makes the whole house seem so much cleaner?  It's crazy!! Cydney's toys could be all over the living room...I can just walk right through them to the recliner to rock her.  But a messy kitchen makes my stomach wrench.

Not tonight though...a clean kitchen it is in our home.  And a smile on this mommy's face.

Goodnight all...have a blessed week.


MomBrose said...

I hear ya on that one! I even tweeted about how happy I was when my kitchen was clean. I love it. :D

april said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog & leave a comment :) So glad to know someone likes my work, ha!
I too, am trying to keep up with the FlyLady this year - I've said this every year for like 4 years, but so far, I'm doing good! Fingers crossed I can stick with it!! Your family is adorable, by the way :)
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.