Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day #3

Before the snow settled in this week, a dear friend stopped me on the side of the road (we can do things like this in our small town) and shared with me some information that she had on organizing and bringing order to our circus.  Honestly, I threw it on the dash of my car for the moment with every intention of going through it with a fine tooth comb later that evening.  As you well know, this month has been dedicated to bringing organization to the chaos of our home.  We have done really well in some areas, and still have some work to do in other areas.  What I want is for our home to function smoothly and orderly.  What I don't want is for our house to lose all flexibility and those that live with me to feel like they can't really "live" here.  I often lose practicality and want everything in order.  Robby has to remind me that we live here...our home is not a show home, but one filled with growing children and lots of love.

When mother nature dumped a foot of snow in my yard, we were grounded to our home for going on day 3 now.  The kids are going crazy.  They need to fulfill the social needs they have missed the last two days of school.  But myself, not so much.  I love it!!!  I love that my car in snowed into the garage.  I love that my sweet hubby hasn't had a single minute to clear our driveway.  I love it that I have not had to wear make-up for three straight days.  I did get out of my pajamas today and wear REAL clothes.  I also love that I have had an opportunity to get a few things accomplished in my house.  One of the main things was clearing the sea of mail, school papers, and junk from my island.  Hubby and I have always had this issue with coming into the house and dumping everything in our hands on the island.  Over a few begins to unravel my nerves.  I become a little psychotic...just ask Robby and the kids.

Being snowed in, I also took some time to look at the bundle of papers given to me by my friend.  This little bundle of papers was from the Fly Lady.  The name rings a bell to me, but not really sure why.  As I began reading through the bundle of papers from my friend, I realized that I was already doing some of the things that the Fly Lady suggested.  I don't know about you, but it feels good when something we are already doing is affirmed by a "professional."

If you are looking for some organizational tips or a complete makeover of your household organization, I encourage you to head over to Fly Lady's website and see what she has to say.  She surely doesn't say to dump the entire house into the front to begin your makeover, but to take baby steps into making your home the happy place for you and your family.  She has a 31 day plan.  I haven't even looked through the entire plan, but I like the sound of Day 1.

As for now, I am off to shine my sink.  For real...the kids are out playing in the snow.  Cydney is playing with her baby.  What better time to take a few minutes to complete Day 1...shining my sink.

Have a super Saturday!!  Be blessed!

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MomBrose said...

oooh! i didnt know she had a website but I have three of her books! Great stuff! :D