Tuesday, April 06, 2010

love & respect

Robby and I reading the Love & Respect book with our life group.  I have heard very good things about this book and I was very excited to begin the study.  Robby and I have an amazing marriage.  I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.  Every day...I know it!!  Every day...I think I take it for granted!!

Reading each chapter in the book, I am reminded what an awesome marriage we have.  But no matter how much we love each other, and how amazing our marriage is...we have our moments.  I have my moments!!

The book repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly) talks about the Crazy Cycle.  The wife feels unloved, she reacts without respect.  Without respect, he reacts without love.  And the cycle continues, and the hole gets deeper and deeper!!  In each chapter the stories that are told are sometimes ridiculous.  In my mind I think....come on, woman just get over it!!!  Or, Dude...how could you be so insensitive.

Well...I had my moment!!!  My very own ridiculous moment!!!

In my eyes, sorting the laundry seems like a simple task that I ask my family to do.  Probably every other woman thinks the same thing.  We have a red basket, a dark basket, and light colors/white basket.  But, when I asked Robby to please put his laundry in the right pile (I had a little put out tone with the words)...I was speaking without respect for his decision making to sort the laundry.  AND...it hurt his feelings!!!  In about 2 seconds...I knew I had reacted without respect.  He did not speak back any harsh words, only admitting that he did not know which pile that certain pair of shorts went in and from this point on he would put them in the proper pile.  But my "pink" ears did not exactly hear that!!! I quickly became offended and withdrew to my bed.  I thought...I'll just do it myself!!!  RIDICULOUS!!  I know that now.  I really probably knew it then, but couldn't admit it beyond my pouting.

This, my friends, is the Crazy Cycle!!  And yes...it all started with putting a pair of shorts into the correct laundry basket.  RIDICULOUS!!  But this is a perfect example to me of how easily we jump on that Crazy Cycle.  Luckily, Robby jumps off the cycle, but me...I just pout and would probably keep riding the hampster wheel around and around and around.

Like I said...I am married to an amazing man.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Love ya babe!!  Thanks for keeping me grounded...I need it!!!


Kathie Bryant said...

I hope the "crazy cycle" is not genetic! I had one myself this morning over Dad working such late hours. Guess I will apologize tonight when he gets home. That "old man" of mine sneaks up on me sometimes! Let the "new man" shine!!!!

MomBrose said...

We love that book! I hope you will post more about it. :) Count your blessings...I'm the sole laundry sorter in our house (and washer, folder, and put away-er). :D

Nic said...

Thats so me. I pout and the queen of the silent treatment. Not proud of it. And you right it is a cycle.