Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a mother's dream

As a mother, I have so many dreams for my children.  I think every mother has incredible dreams for each of her children.  It’s part of the job.

  • I dream for my children to have a college education, to have a great job that challenges them and doing something they love to do.  
  • I dream for my children to each find a spouse they care the same type of marriage that Robby and I have.
  • I dream for my children to have friends that encourage them, support them, and hold them accountable i life.
  • I dream for children to share in the joys of parenthood.
  • I dream for my children to live a life of prosperity and fullness.
  • I dream for my children to have so much love that their cup runneth over.
  • I dream for my children to happy, no matter where the road of life leads them.
  • I dream this....and so much more for my babies (growing babies!)  One of this mom’s dreams came true a few weeks ago when I was able to sit on the front row close to the front and watch Calleigh and Carson be baptized!!!  It was an unforgettable moment that will forever be etched on my heart.  To know that my children will walk with Jesus...makes my own cup runneth over.  I was such a precious moment!!

I dream for my children to have an intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father and know the love and joy of a relationship with Him.

Be blessed!!!

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MomBrose said...

What a blessed and precious event in their lives. I pray the same for my kids and can't wait to watch them get baptized too!