Thursday, June 17, 2010

potty training 101

Knowing full well that Cydney is probably too young (23 months) to be potty trained, we bought a potty seat anyway...and tried...well, kinda!!  If you call asking her if she wants to go sit on the potty and she screams "NO!!!"  I can’t honestly say that I have tried really hard.  We leave for Calleigh’s basketball tourney in Branson in a week, and I will honestly say that diapers will be much easier than finding a bathroom all day long.  Especially public restrooms...ggrrooooooooossssss!!!  So, we have just thrown that potty seat out there for a little taste of being a big girl.
She told her daddy tonight that she wanted to go potty.  He put her up on the seat.  Walked away for, like, 2 seconds and...

This pretty well explains our potty training experiences thus far.  She is obsessed with the toilet paper.  

I love diapers!!!

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Jenifer said...

Too cute! Can you imagine this x2???