Monday, October 03, 2011

pinterest love

Weeks later, I am still suffering from a serious addiction to Pinterest.  I have searched through recipes, birthday party ideas, clothing that I love, cute hair name it!!  I made a vow last week that if I was going to spend so much time combing through all the wonderful things, I was going to have to put some of them into effect.

I am very happy to report that I did just that.  This week my family tried a few new recipes.  Recipe #1 was an artichoke pasta recipe.  I wasn't overly fond of it and already deleted it from my board.  It wasn't terrible, just not worth fixing again.

Quit the contrary for this recipe.  One evening I made this roasted sausage and veggie recipe and it was so delish.  It was a crazy night at our house and dinner was a little on the fly.  With this casserole, I was able to get it ready with little prep work, toss in in the oven, and then we could pretty much eat when we had a minute.  I think I might have had two such minutes because I am pretty sure I ate twice.  Shh, please don't tell!!

Next on my list of goodies to make are these yummy looking pizza bites.  I think my kids will rave about these.  What a great after school snack or school lunch.  A little ranch dressing and I think we will be all over these babies!!!

A roast has been cooking in the oven all afternoon.  I can't wait to walk through the doors when we get home from school.  I think these potatoes will make an amazing side dish instead of just regular mashed potatoes.  {Besides, I am not much of a gravy girl...just can't make brown gravy well!}

Calleigh has decided to have her upcoming birthday party at the house.  When it comes to extravagant birthday parties, I fail miserably.  I am hoping that Pinterest will give me just the motivation and inspiration to make her last "little girl" birthday party a blast.  This will her last year before she "officially" becomes a TEENAGER!!  A whole other post....

As for now, I will be scowering Pinterest for great girl birthday party ideas...then for the follow through of actually preparing them.

Be blessed...

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